Today, more than ever, the times call for us to awaken to the powers we wield, individually and collectively, to create or destroy the world. Jung intuited, and quantum physics has since confirmed, that a change in one particle of a system—one individual or group—has the capacity to change the entire system. Since 1982, the C. G. Jung Institute of Santa Fe has offered public programs from a perspective of depth psychology to inspire, educate, and promote dialogue and healing in our unique community.

Each year, our public program and workshop events have increased attendance; the 2018-2019 program year equaled last year’s already record-setting levels. While we have always believed strongly in the value of our offerings and have devoted significant resources to sustain our programs, we feel the need for them is especially great in these troubling times.

While program attendance continues to increase, and in spite of generous grant support and our own underwriting of costs, revenue does not cover production costs. This is because we have kept attendance fees at decades-long low levels, and have never turned anyone away for lack of funds. Your tax deductible donation to the C.G. Jung Institute of Santa Fe makes it possible for us to continue our vital mission to inspire, educate, and promote dialogue and healing in our unique community. Thank you all for your support, and I hope you both enjoy and benefit from our programs in the coming year.

William Kotsch, Ph.D., President

“The world hangs by a thin thread, and that thread is the psyche of man…. We are the great danger. The psyche is the great danger….it is demonstrated to us in our day, what the power of the psyche is, how important it is to know something about it.”

C. G. Jung, Interview #2

conducted by Dr. Richard I. Evans, 1957